We were asked to build and prototype a new eyewear brand completely from scratch.


Logo design
Brand identity

A brand with a
vintage touch

This name is inspired by the Yé-Yé European music phenomenon, which emerged from France, Italy and Spain in the 1950s and early 1960s.
Our challenge was to find a simple,
fresh, cross-cultural and easy-to-remember word.

From the past to nowadays

Usually featuring young female singers, the Yé-Yé style eventually expanded worldwide thanks to the success of songwriters like French Serge Gainsbourg, who composed the famous song Laisse tomber les lles (Leave The Girls Alone).

The Yé-Yé pop aesthetics and ideals were closely connected to the Nouvelle Vague cinematographic movement, whose desire was to find truth through beauty and art by adopting authenticity and rejecting conservatism.

The Yé-yé sound and aesthetics have recently made a comeback in Wes Anderson’s Film "Moonrise Kingdom", which features Françoise Hardy’s song Le temps de l’amour.

Typography and

and targets

Yè-Yè wants to appeal to young, trendy professional men and women in their 30’s. They are fashion and design savvy globetrotters that embody the renaissance of the 60’ aesthetics. They don't copy but reinterpret, they are value seeking and quality oriented.

A clear vision

We designed a hand-drawn logo that reflects both the brand’s target and products. The Yè-Yè logo speaks for fashionable glasses that want to deliver world wide a taste of french style. The vintage touch reminds us of the time period we took inspiration from, but also of the frames’ artisanal manufacturing and design process, rigorously made in France.


To complete delivery of a comprehensive brand identity kit, we mocked up designs for packaging material, print advertising, stationery and store signs.