Jewels with a delicate soul





Visual identity and
e-commerce development for an inspired jewelry brand


Logo Design,
Brand Identity,
Web design

Jewels with a
delicate soul

Jenah derives from the Arabic word for “heaven” and wants to create objects that give an uplifting positive energy to your everyday look.

Our goal was to create a brand able to convey the spirited, delicate and ethereal nature of Jenah’s jewels.

Logo design inspirations

The design was inspired by the keywords elegant,
ethereal, delicate and geometric.

The logo should have expressed the universal
and timeless aesthetics conveyed by Jenah’s jewels.

With the idea of designing a “Jewel-like” logo, we mixed & matched a marble texture (elegance), pink and gray shades
(ethereal, delicate), and geometries.

A delicate balance of empty
and full spaces

The hexagon shape has been chosed has a symbolic element for Jenah’s logo since it recalls minerals and gems pure geometries.

The hexagon itself has been fragmented in different sections with the aim of making it look like a jewel itself, the particular contrast between full and empty spaces makes the lettering of Jenah logo particularly elegant and visually appealing.

Typography and colors

Playfair (Google font) is intended for titles and pay-offs to convey a sense of elegance and luxury while Quicksand (Google font) perfectly matches with Playfair and is a good typographical choice to make long pieces of text easily readable.

The color palette is characterized by pink and gray shade combined with a marble texture.

Functional beauty

We designed a hybrid menu to give the website a strong visual impact without compromising the shopping experience. The main menu is compacted in one, top left button, while a shopping menu is always visible in an elegant,
dynamic and mobile friendly tool bar.

Visual narratives for a simple
shopping experience

As Jenah’s home page scrolls down products are depicted in progressively zoomed-in frames, all organized in a specific visual hierarchy. First we have a full screen emotional campaign image, then visuals narrow down to give wearability context until we finally feature still life shots of the products. One click gives you details on the item, next click adds to cart for checkout.

For the stylish
and confident

Jenah’s target is represented by both women and men aged 18 to 40 years old, that like fashion, music, technology and are interested in their appearance.

They have a rock’n’roll / bohemian edge, go beyond “it” fashionable items as they want their look to be more individualised and are on a constant search to find new cool designers.