Bridging the gap
for private events





Genie wants to become the go-to platform for all event planning needs. We built a visual and digital identity for a bold entrance on the market.


Logo Design
Brand Identity
Web design

Finding the Nuance

While designing logo and brand identity our goal was to create an industry-neutral feel that actually had a distinctive character. Our approach led us to be more daring with font and color use, whilst providing an easy-for-all, contemporary and functional web design.

A fun and captivating set of icons

In order to make navigation more immediate, we developed an extensive range of custom icons; making navigation more intuitive for those who prefer browsing visuals rather than text.

Typography and colors

GENIE’s color palette is composed by three cold tones (a dark toned blue, aquamarine and a light blue shade), pure white and a warm color accent (a mustard yellow)
contasting with the colder tones.

This palette owns a fresh, energetic and appealing look, with a cheerful but sober feel.

The selected types are both Google fonts which ensures proper online visualization.

Longer portion of copy are characterized by a neutral and readable font family (Lato) while a more characterizing handwritten styled font (Permanent Marker)
is intended for headlines and pay-offs.

Easy browsing for a content heavy website

Once first results are displayed, users have an advanced tool bar to refine their search. This dynamic and responsive UI element allows users to explore the numerous offerings without having to change page or open new tabs.

Printed collaterals

Professionally designed print collateral and brochures speak volumes about your company. We created an ad hoc brand manual and mocked up brochures, catalogs, business cards and print advertising.